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Health, Safty, and the Environment.
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While optimized production is always a key goal of an operator, HSE policies must always be revisited to ensure profit is not placed ahead of Health, Safty, or the Environment. The HSE needs can now leverage the installed base of wireless networks to add vital information to ensure the operator is staying current with the best available methods with respect to HSE.

The latest trend in this direction has evolved from serving production needs to include Health, Safty, and the Environment (HSE) requirements. Recent news about emission in the LA Times on worker deaths from benzene exposure has scientist from the National Institute for Occupational Safty and Health looking into development of Alternative Tank Gauging procedures to protect workers from having prolonged exposure to benzene.

Companies that take this NEW approach enjoy consistently better results, which attracts higher quality employees, suppliers, investors and support of the affected populations near the production areas. UPDATE: On Saturday 11/14/15 a local independent pumper was sleeping and was awaken by his cell phone, his cell phone was notifing him to an "ALARM" condition at one of his well sites. This alarm told him the water tank was nearing an overflow condition and needed his attention. He proceded to the location and corrected the problem, thus saving the well owner a hugh FINE. This is possible with our PLC's. Call or email to see if we can provide a solution for your needs. Once again on 11/23/15 around 6:30 P.M. another independent pumper had just sat down to supper with his family when an "ALARM" condition came across by SMS Text on his cell phone. He wanted to eat with his family but did not know the severity of the ALARM. He knew the alarm was concerning the water tank at one of his location. So he sent an SMS Text request to our PLC to read the water tank level, and it replied back, he then knew he had time to finish his meal, but would have to take care of problem yet today. So, again we made life better and prevented another spill and saved owner a HUGH fine!!

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Here’s one of our SMS(Text) messaging controllers, this unit provide pump on/off control for the water tank. We have a “Start” pump level and a “Stop” pump level, and both events send an SMS(text) message so you know exactly how many times your pump runs in 24 hours and how much water you are moving in 24 hours.

This unit also allows a “Tank Level Request” on 2 oil tanks, both of these monitor’s will send out SMS(Text) message events for a “Percent Change within given timeframe”, critical low, low level, high level, critical high level. All of these events are programmed to what you want! There is even a “MASTER” pumping unit “Turn OFF” to prevent OVERFLOWS.

This controller is very affordable and is a good step forward in automating your production.

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