Eco Logistics

With one of our Monitoring Unit's, all of these are possible.

  • A tank guage of each tank, sent each day at a precise time to pumpers and main office cell phones, along with the daily production total.
  • At any time request a Tank Read with TEXT message and receive back a REAL-TIME reading.
  • Detect abnormal "Tank Volume" changes. (Leaks, Theft, Water Dumping) report with TEXT alarm.
  • Know exactly how much current motor is drawing while running.
  • Up to 5 cell numbers can be called for any event. Several call list can be created, one for service personnel, one for management, one for investors!
  • A master "Critical Condition" pumping unit SHUTDOWN can be programmed - so that no overflow condition could occur. (Example: Water tank reaching a level of 205 barrels, because pump motor failed to start, pumping unit is shut down and all concerned would receive a TEXT alarm.
  • Less trips up and down cat-walk ladders, tank barrel ladders, provide a "Much Safer place to Work.
  • Bad weather days, when pumper can't get to well location, you will still know what is going on with that location. And "Most Important" you will still be able to monitor. Thus preventing an "Overflow". "A Greener Earth"
  • All of this adds up to, letting the pumper become much more efficient, he now would have time to make sure units are well greased, belts are properly tightened and aligned, needed supplies are restocked. (A single pumper can now maintain more wells(locations) that he/she previously managed.

  • This equates to "Reduced Operating Cost"!

    Eco Logistics is about helping the "OIL PRODUCERS", keep our needed energy flowing at the most efficient cost available, with a safe work environment and still promote a "Greener Earth"!

    As producers seek to attract investment in lean times, the use of automation continues to enjoy spectular growth to deliver needed results. Moden drilling techniques have generated tremdous growth in unlocking energy reserves. Production fields are enjoying similar growth as the drilling slows down. Many producers have migrated to monitoring critical process parameters on location to optimize performance.

    Examples of these parameters include:
    Level, Flow, Pressure, Temperature, the state of a switch or valve.

    Skybitz Monitor:

    is a remote monitoring system (Class 1 Div 1 Rating) that is the first affordable and dependable crude oil and waste water monitoring device for the upstream oil and gas industry. Skybitz is the only wireless device on the market delivering dependable online daily monitoring of tank levels. Because is requires no electrical connections, the Skybitz monitor can be used practically anywhere no matter how remote the location. Simple installation of 5 minutes and fully operational in 10 minutes. (View The Simple Installation Here)

    Once installed, the Skybitz monitor sends information to the online data center allowing you to monitor the tank levels at all time from the convience of your smart phone or personal computer.

    The most basic function of the Skybitz monitor is to allow the monitoring of tank levels on a desktop pc or smartphone. This eliminates the delay in waiting on a pumpers handwritten production reports. If that were all that the Skybitz did, it would be an invaluable addition to oil field operation, but tank monitoring is only part of the equation. Being armed with up to data monitoring levels on a daily basis gives operators the ability to realize increase production of up to 4% on a 5bpd well. That equates to approximately $6000.00 in annual increase revenue. On a 20bpd well that figure jumps to $24000.00 per year.

    Skybitz can also be an integral part of decreasing costly mishaps such as overflow, leakage and thefts as well as accidents which could result in increased insurance cost.

    Skybitz brings you increases where you want them in increased production, increased safety, and increase employee productivity. Just as importantly, Skybitz delivers reductions where you need them in decreased cost, decreased accidental leakage, decreased potential thefts. In short, Skybitz allows any operator to take advantage of this new technology from stripper wells to wells of any level of production.

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