Pumper's Friend Radiators

Absolutely the best cooling system for single cylinder engines. Conventional radiators and condensers cost less initially because they cost less to produce. Cost savings soon disappear in down time and costly repair. That's when Pumper's Friend pay off with welded, one piece steel construction, replaceable round tubes with large inside diameters supply maximum water flow, vibration is absorbed by silicaone gromments surrounding the tubes, eliminating soldered joints that crack with vibration.

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Helpful Tips

The Pumper's Friend Radiator fluid level needs to be 1/4" over the top tubes for the radiator to run as a thermo-syphon. The sigh glass is just for observing the fluid in the engine. If you do not fill the radiator completely full, the radiator will work as a condenser.

Usually 50-50 mix is what engine manufacturers recommend and never less the 40% water. Anti-freeze and water should be mixed before pouring into the engine.

Do Not attempt to fill the radiator while the engine is running.

Check the cooling surface periodically for dirt and debris.

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